Let the data tell you why choose track power station

Recently, low price bidding about the front-runner burst out frequently, refresh people’s awareness of the cost of photovoltaic power stations! PV power station grid parity points the day and await for it, enhance the competitiveness of photovoltaic power generation technology is becoming clear, lowering the efficiency of photovoltaic power plant is always the main theme.

Tracking as an effective installation way to increase power generating capacity, is a regular installation way in abroad, and that figure in China’s market share has always been very low. It is learned that the tracking station covers less than 5% of China’s photovoltaic power plant, improved space is huge in the future.

In recent years, PV power station total cost is declining, strong support from tracking power station data, owners of the track power station gradually increase the level of acceptance. data is the most convincing evidence,a series of data from the tracking station, supporting the further development of the tracking mode in China

Data one Arctech Weihai  two sides+tracking improved power capacity by 36.2%

According to the test data from Arctech Weihai, In August, 2017, compared with optimum tilted fixed installation, horizontal single axis increased the amount of radiation received on the PV modules around 8%, 20°tilted single axis can increase total radiation received on the front by 20%. For tilted single axis radiation received on the back side of module compared with fixed module,

increased close to 20%. If use 20 tilted single axis, radiation from front and back side, improved to 36.2% compared with fixed module.

Data two, LONGi Kubiqi

From July to August in 2017,totally two months, test result shows, compared with fixed method, In July and August, tilted single axis improved by 20.8% and 17.7% power capacity. Tilted single axis with two sides improved by

41.2% and 36.4% power capacity

Data three JOLYWOOD public data

According to the JOLYWOOD two side module test result , horizontal single axis + two side improved by 40% to 50%.

Above data is just a grain of corn in the wide sea, actually, pv tracking power station is worldwide popular in China, although influenced by the latitude and installation angle, tracking installation is still the main method to improve the power capacity.

As the key part of tracking, H-FANG provides slewing drive for tracking systems, have a long term strategic relationship with Arctech giant in tracking field, merged into the tracking industry, H-FANG brand becomes a leader.

So far, H-FANG total installation capacity reach 10GW, As the global industry leading brand image, receive a high degree of recognition. Since the beginning of this year, H-FANG production workshop has been busy , tight production schedule opened the pace to the annual target. H-FANG uphold the spirit of craftsman, insist on innovative technology, working on providing more reliable, more abundant, diversified and customized series product. Moreover, provide vertical one-stop service, closely combining the development trend of Chinese PV industry, to escort the solar energy development, leading the industry development, promote the healthy development of tracking power station in China.



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