Global PV tracking market broke out, H-FANG shipments in the first quarter exceeded GW

In late spring and early summer, benefiting from the rapiddevelopment of photovoltaic tracking station at home and abroadin 2018H-FANG shipments in the firstquarter exceeded GW, creating new milestones.
With years of effort in this field, H-FANG have accumulated awealth of experience, project footprints all over the world, H-FANG branddeveloped steadily, has been the world’s leading markets in the same field, in thePV tracking field in China, H-FANG always maintain the leading enterprisesposition with slewing drive product as a core component,establish strategic cooperative partnership withmany world famous owners.

Since 2018, trackinginstallation method is widely used in the large-scale PV power station, owners in the choice of the core components, are morewilling to choose H-FANG slewing drive. H-FANG is in the advanced operationsmanagement system, driven by intelligent and modern production line and leanproduction, ready for the outbreak market layout in advance, ensure capacitysupply, deliver products on time, in theprovision of reliable and safe product at the same time, to provide morevalue-added services for customers, which is the service concept that H-Fanghas always been implementing . H-FANG is ready for the outbreak market layoutin advance, ensure capacity supply.

The data indicated, PV tracking installation advantage isverified by the market, PV trackinginstallations has been popular overseas in recent years, compared with thetraditional fixed installation, tracking method .market share showed a risingtrend. With the increasinglysophisticated tracking systems technology, lower installation costs, series ofobstacles which owners choose the tracking installation has been furthersolved. Tracking domestic market is in astage of rapid development.

As a large number of projects continuously confirmed and putinto operation, installingcapacity in China PV market share steadily increasing, effectively promote the technical innovation of ChinaPV industry upgrade. PV power system as aelectric system , its safety and reliability is the most fundamental pursuit inthe whole lifecycle.On the leader basis realized 25 years continuous running,quality and reliability is the key factor.

H-FANGvice manager Fengling Zhang  said, facedwith tracking market development is so hot, H-FANG attached great importance toproduct quality and reliability, pursuing zero defect products, it’s better for long-term effectiveoperation of PV power station escort, only in the process of rapid developmentand continuously improve product quality, improve the reliability,when  faced with huge market space in future , thenable to seize the unprecedented opportunity of development.

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