This Flower selected by the NATO Special Forces “Sun Flower” Actually has a “Chinese heart”!

Recently, a gorgeous “sun flower” which can generate electricity has amazed the global science and technology community. This solar power system, developed by a European solar company, draws inspiration from the phototaxis of sunflowers, designs the solar power system into a petal shape to achieve automatic electricity generation for the whole day.

The sunflower’s petaling exterior is not just for good looking, but to achieve the practical application of intelligent features. First, it automatically tracks the sun 24 hours a day. In the morning when the sun rises, it unfolds automatically, and when the sun sets, it automatically closes again. During the process of closing and opening, the system always keeps direct sunlight at 90 degrees. The dual axis tracking system it adopts ensures the smooth implementation of the process throughout the whole day. The slewing drive, which is the core component of the dual axis tracking system, is supplied by H-Fang .

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