H-fang Attended CONEXPO Exhibition in the Unite States with Cone Drive.

On 11th of March, 2017, H-fang and its mother company, Cone Drive, attended CONEXPO exhibition with its latest products. This exhibition is the most influential worldwide trade show of the global mechanical engineering industry, which is held in International Convention Centre of Las Vegas, USA. It is held every three years, plenty of magnate gathered in the show.

On the show, H-fang’s new products WEA21-2 dual shaft, W14B open housing slewing drives, which were developed with Cone Drive, obtained many attention .Most of all, WEA21-2 dual shaft slewing drive was designed aimed at market demands and choke point nowadays, it solved customers’ pain point promptly. Once it appeared on the show, it  got high attention of international customers.

Combined with Cone Drive’s advanced experience and technical advantage, H-fang and Cone Drive’s new products concentrated unique advantages:
1) High output torque,   more shock resistance  ability,

2) Special inner structure design, make the transmission more steady,

3) Innovative seal type, fitted all mounting condition,

4) It’s widely used for mining machinery ,welding equipment and paving machinery,etc

H-fang and Cone Drive integrated research and development, production and market channel, cooperated in many industries, and have achieved prospective market performance. In the future, H-fang will play its own advantage as always, provide more careful service and solution to the old and new customer all over the world, to be a most trusted cooperator of customers.

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